The 52 Week Love Project – Week 46 Acts of Kindness

The 52 Week Love Project – Week 46 Acts of Kindness

Welcome to Week 46 of The 52 Week Love Project – Acts of Kindness. The project designed to recognize 52 inspiring humans who are giving back to our community – whether in a small way or by creating a movement for change and inspiration.

Meet Sandeep Kumar Aggarwal – the founder of a Charity Project called: Here We Come.

When I asked Sandeep what advise he has for others that want to make a difference/change in the world – he said: 

“Make the choice every single day to exemplify honesty and empathy. You form a legacy through intention and purpose, which can be applied to every life you touch. With each act of kindness, you change yourself and the world. Live responsibly. Be kind, because when you are, you open the door to reaching genuine happiness.”


My window into empathy began with my own humble beginnings in Punjab, India, where I was born into an impoverished family of modest means and eventually given an opportunity to live in America.

Years later, while volunteering on a trip to India, I encountered what too much of the world must deal with each and every day. When my arm was badly lacerated by a rickshaw wheel, which side-swiped me on a crowded street, I went to a small, local clinic to receive some much-needed attention. Even though I was bleeding profusely, I was turned away, due to a lack of medical supplies. I was not alone, however, as I saw many sick and suffering local residents turned away, also because of an acute shortage of basic, fundamental first-aid equipment. This broke my heart. I felt hopeless, not just for my own problem, but because I knew that these people had no other options. Fortunately, I found the care I needed, and my arm is still with me and doing fine. Before I left India, however, I made a promise to myself and the clinic, which wanted to treat me but couldn’t. I pledged to return so that I could provide relief to the people there who needed it most.

I returned home to Weehawken, New Jersey, and with the assistance of colleges and friends in the medical industry, I collected basic hospital supplies and started saving them in my office. By personally paying the shipping expenses, I was able to send a container carrying these donations to India. I was sad that I couldn’t deliver them in person, but it marked the birth of “Project: Here We Come,” which is now leading the way in developing new avenues for organizations all over the world to donate high-quality medical supplies, equipment, and even food to resource-limited communities across the globe.

Today, the mission of Project: Here We Come is more important than ever. We are aiming to bridge staggering health resource gaps in the developing world by empowering doctors and nurses with the tools they need to treat disease, deliver vaccines, perform life-changing surgeries, and ensure safe childbirth. The compassion of our generous supporter’s targets hospitals, rural clinics, and community health centers, which can now offer quality care and critical medical services to their most vulnerable patients, especially women and children.


I am a founder of multiple businesses. I also teach leadership skills for public departments of education and have started a cooperative learning program with my local high school. I am a proud board member of Weight Zero, MD, and serve on its Philanthropy Leadership Council.


I always thought that “success” brings happiness, but I eventually realized that watching my bank account grow was a lonely affair, that real fulfilment can only come from giving back. Fortunately, I am in a position to reap the benefits of doing that, and I have only just begun.

I believe that service is an essential part of my life. Its mission shapes my identity and defines my arc of happiness. When I see inequality or suffering, I make it my goal to be a conduit of change by working to lift up the most vulnerable people in society, giving them the strength they need to combat challenges and fulfill their dreams. I am also deeply invested in maximizing the leadership capacities of future generations who have the intelligence, courage, kindness, and humility, which is required to help our world flourish.


I remind myself each day to be grateful for the mere gift of my beautiful existence, as I try to never take this for granted. When I dive deep into gratitude, I can tap into spiritual energy, which teaches me that anything can be overcome when I put my heart into it.


Make the choice every single day to exemplify honesty and empathy. You form a legacy through intention and purpose, which can be applied to every life you touch. With each act of kindness, you change yourself and the world. Live responsibly. Be kind, because when you are you open the door to reaching genuine happiness.


“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi


It’s actually fun to do things, which help to make the world a better place. Currently, I am creating a kindness app, called “I AM KIND.” It’s designed for people to donate and share things they don’t need, all kinds of things, which others may benefit from having. Imagine you have a baby stroller you don’t use any longer. Instead of tossing it, you can put it on the kindness app and help a family who can’t afford one of their own. This act of benevolent recycling serves multiple purposes for the environment as well as people’s well-being.


I welcome all generous souls to our journey, as we aim to fulfil our mission and take our contribution model to the next level. We need more people to help us solve problems of the future and to share in the work that still needs to be done right now.

With the help of so many who share the same passion and commitment to helping those in need, Project: Here We Come continues to deliver health and hope to the world. We also offer numerous domestic and international volunteer opportunities. If you want to get involved inquire within.\

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